Dr Jolliffe holds practising privileges at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth, London NW8.  Appointments - 020 780 64060

Consultation days are Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

Dr Jolliffe is recognised as a Provider by all the major Insurance companies including BUPA and her fees are in line with Insurers' Schedule of Fees.


Dr Jolliffe has extensive experience as a Consultant Dermatologist in treating all types of skin conditions, ranging from Acne and Skin Pigmentation disorders through to Skin Cancers and complex Medical conditions requiring systemic treatment. Her special Clinical interest is in Hair Disorders including Alopecia.

She studied in Melbourne with Professor Rodney Sinclair with whom she has co-authored the textbook 'Fast Facts- Disorders of the Hair and Scalp' (HealthPress 2013). She runs a specialist Hair Clinic at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth www.londonhairspecialists.com. She has extensive experience in treating patients with skin of colour, and takes an integrated and holistic approach to patient care.

She is happy to perform a  wide number of dermatological procedures in the clinic setting.


New Patient General Dermatology Consultations - £220.

New Patient Hair Consultations - £320. Dr Jolliffe is happy to see all patients over 16 years of age with Hair Disorders. Please note that in view of the fact that many Insurers will not cover the cost of a consultation regarding Hair Loss, all consultations for Hair Disorders must be paid for on the day of consultation.  Individuals may then wish to pass on the receipt for the consultation costs to their Insurers according to their cover arrangements

Follow-up Consultations (General and Hair) - £180.

Repeat prescription fee     £15

Additional Fees

Additional fees for cryotherapy, surgery,or intralesional injections are levied according to insurers rates.

Please note that a Hospital Charge for procedures will be made to cover the cost of providing materials, nursing cover etc. This charge is separate from and in addition to the Medical Consultation charge and is billed by the hospital directly.

Processing and examination of specimens sent for histology is billed separately via the Hospital and is again independent of the Medical Consultation charge.

All lesions removed by Dr Jolliffe are routinely sent for histological examination.She will not agree to remove a lesion, even if it is clinically harmless ( benign) , unless the specimen is sent to the pathology laboratory for examination.

Whenever appropriate Patient Information Leaflets and post-operative written information sheets are provided.

There is a cancellation fee of £75 for individuals who do not cancel an appointment within 24 hours.